TULIP Research Activities

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Guest Editors

Conference Chair/PC Chair/Workshop Co-Chairs/Co-Organizers


  • 2018, From the cloud to the fog: cost-effective big data placement for mobile social networks, School of IT Research Funding, Deakin University (with  Dr. Xiao Liu, Dr. Feifei Chen, A/Prof. Gang Li, Dr. Frank Jiang)
  • 2018, Providing Provable Privacy-preserving Data Sharing Services for the Cloud Campus (with Prof Wanlei Zhou, Prof Wanlei Zhou, A/Prof Gang Li, Jiage (Jacko) Feng, Dr Tianqing Zhu)
  • 2018, Building a Secure Cloud-based Collaborative CRM System (with Dr. Xiao Liu, A/Prof. Gang Li)
  • 2017, AGD Data Analytics, D2D CRC (with A/Prof Jacob Cybulski, Prof Rens Scheepers, A/Prof Gang Li, Prof Robin Ram Mohan Doss)
  • 2015, Analyzing the Tourism Carrying Capacity in Macau (with A/Prof Gang Li)
  • 2014-2016, Tourism Trajectory Analysis, GRF, Hong Kong (with Prof. R. Law)
  • 2013, e-Authentication Technologies, AMSI/NBN Co. (with Shaowu Liu)
  • 2012, Intelligent Data Preparation for Tourism Demand Forecasting, University Grants Committee, Hong Kong GRF (546111) (with Prof. R. Law)
    2011, The Association of Sensory, Graphics, and User Satisfaction on Hotel WebsitesHKPU Grant (G-YJ53), Hong Kong PolyTechnic University (with Prof. R. Law)
  • 2011, Rapid algorithms for Deformable Image Registration with Medical ApplicationsCRGS Grant, Deakin University (with Dr V. Mak-Hau)
  • 2010, Non-Smooth Optimization Techniques for Data Preprocessing in Sleep Stage Identification ProblemsBallarat-Deakin Grant, Australia (with A/Prof. Gleb Beliakov, and Nadezda Sukhorukova)
  • 2009, Graphical and Textual Categorization of Online Travel ReviewsPU-SHTM Grant (YG-48), Hong Kong PolyTechnic University (with Prof. R. Law)
  • 2008, The Study on Dynamic Social Text Stream Mining with Multi-elementsNatural Science Foundation of China (60802066), P.R.China (with A/Prof. Jinlong Wang, A/Prof. Phoebe Chen, Deqian Ye, Junhun Zhang, Wanhu Wu)
  • 2008, Graphical Models for Massive Data Set, CRGS Grant, Deakin University (with Dr. J An, Dr. J Hou, A/Prof. Y-P P Chen)
  • 2007, Contrast-set mining and Emerging Patterns Discovery of Group Differences from Tourism Expenditures. SHTM Grant, Hong Kong PolyTechnic University (with Dr. Roberts C.H. Law)
  • 2007, Collision Avoidance on Roadways using Vehicular Sensors. CRGS Grant, Deakin University (with Dr. M Chowdry, Dr. R Doss, Dr. V Mak, and Dr. S Yu)
  • 2006, Perceptual Interface, FaST Seeding Grant, Deakin University

Open Projects for Honors Students

TULIP Lab has the following projects open for undergraduate trainee, or honors students. If you find interest in them, please contact TULIP director.
  • Website Design for Customer Sentiment (Data Mining)
  • Data Fusion for Wireless Sensor Network (Sensor Network)
  • Word-of-Mouth Customer Behavior Analysis (Text Mining)