Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)
Call for Papers (PDF Version)

Enterprise Information Systems is a leading high-impact international research journal providing a forum for the discussion of enterprise computing theory and applications, including complex problems in these areas. This special issue on Curbing Collusive Cyber-gossips for Business Brand Management provides an opportunity for researchers to present updated research efforts and progresses on security and privacy in enterprise big data, and exchange new ideas and identify future research directions.

Big data is a double-edged sword: leveraging it will drive competitive advantage; ignoring it will risk your enterprise of lagging behind the competition. For enterprises, one potential threat from Big Data comes from the data about the enterprise on social networks, which have a strong influence on a brand reputation that most enterprises should not ignore. It has been found that online astroturfers have been hired to post product comments on different social networks. They can also act maliciously by spreading negative or false information about competitors. For an enterprise, a serious and important research issue is to identify the abnormal contents on social networks and collect the evidence of astroturfers behaviors. 

Recent years have witnessed increasing research attention on Curbing Cyber-crimes in enterprise big data. This raises the need for launching the special issue on Curbing Collusive Cyber-gossips for Business Brand Management, with an aim to  increase potential collaborations and partnerships by bringing together academic researchers and industry practitioners  from enterprise systems, customer relationship managements, data mining, network security, digital forensics, behavioral informatics, and psychology sciencesWe welcome any original high-quality research papers in methods, theories, techniques and tools for advancing the research of Curbing Collusive Cyber-gossips for Business Brand Management.

All submissions will be rigidly peer reviewed to guarantee the quality. This special issue will focus on but not limited to the following topics:  
  • Enterprise Big Data
  • Curbing Cyber-Crime
  • Enterprise Data Privacy
  • Cyber Crime Modeling
  • Security Implementations for Enterprises
  • Tools and Methodologies
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Information Forensics
Shaowu Liu,
Sep 17, 2014, 6:57 PM