We congratulate Chris Zhang's latest work titled MEG: Masked Ensemble Tabular Data Generator was selected for publication as a regular paper by ICDM 2023 (CORE A* conference)

This year, ICDM received 1003 submissions, and after initial screening, 926 submissions entered the review process. Each paper received 2~4 reviews, and one senior PC was coordinated the review/discussion process. Then, we consolidated all SPCs' recommendations and made the final decision. As a result of this lengthy process, only 94 regular papers and 106 short papers were accepted. This corresponds to a regular paper acceptance rate of 9.37% and an overall acceptance rate of 19.94%.

This is another great work along Ganblr for tabular data generation. Thanks a lot for the supervision of this series of work by Nayyar zaidi, and also great suggestions from Ye Zhu.